Monday, March 22, 2021

Running during the rainy season

Running during the rainy season is much better than we expect.

Once the fall begins, temperature drops and many runners prefer to avoid cold and rainy days. 

Many believe it is only great to run when the weather is above +20 ºC, but this is not usually the case. Research has shown that the most comfortable weather for marathon running is around +10 ºC.  People misjudge weather because temperature and weather parameters are challenging to evaluate.  

It is important to track fluctuating weather parameters to estimate comfortable weather for sports like running.  Outside temperature between 5-20 degrees ºC is one of the key conditions for running, followed by precipitation, humidity levels, wind speed and visibility. Heavy precipitation of over 1.0 mm decreases the comfort level of running from high to medium-low. While running in the windy and rainy conditions might slow you down, it increases oxygen consumption and resilience.


There are many benefits of keeping on running during colder and rainy days. Here are the top three reasons to try running during the rainy season. 

First, running is more effective when it is colder outside because there is less sweating and body overheating. Wind, precipitation, and colder temperature can quickly and effectively cool you down.  This might help you to run longer and faster than during hot days. 

Second, running in the rain helps to relieve stress and anxiety that is commonly associated with autumn blues. Getting some fresh air is always good and it helps to boost your confidence that not even rain can stop you to keep on moving. 

Lastly, running during a cold rain can help to burn calories faster due to increased metabolic rate. It also helps you to build up muscle and improve balance when maneuvring the wet ground.

Wambrella is a great tool that helps to bust the myth that running in the rain is uncomfortable. Do not let just one look outside on a rainy day be a reason to postpone your workout until the following year. Running in the rain delivers many personal and health benefits for optimal training. Please check the Wambrella app and website to track weather comfort levels for outdoor activities.

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